The following conditions regulate the use of the Creativos Online WEB site for physical products, a Peruvian company, domiciled in the City of Lima, Peru.

  1. The PHYSICAL products offered in our store are only deliverable at the national level only in Peru and in the future it will be made progressively worldwide by intermediary companies and in coordination with their sellers.
  2. The PHYSICAL products that appear on our website may vary in price or may not be available at the time you place your order, in this case no charge will be made to your credit card and the transaction will be canceled. You will be contacted to coordinate the delivery, but if after 3 days of making the transaction we cannot contact you, the transaction will be canceled.
  3. Creativos Online only delivers orders via the internet to residents of Peru and only to the owner of the card / purchase to the stores within the Creativos Online platform. You will be contacted to coordinate the pick-up date of the merchandise in a store or intermediary travel agency of the store where you bought the item.
  4. Orders for LIMA / PERU will be sent by third-party delivery services Globos, Rappi or another private company, they must be quoted and paid before their dispatch prior coordination with the Seller. Deliveries in Lima are coordinated with the seller within a minimum period of 24 hours. Subject to change.
  5. Orders for PROVINCIAS / PERU will be sent by transport companies or shipping agencies such as OLVA, SHALOM or others which are deemed convenient between the Purchaser and the Seller and must be quoted and paid before dispatch. Deliveries in Provinces are coordinated with the seller within a minimum period of 3 business days. Subject to change.
  6. For any questions please send an email
  7. Creativos Online does not coordinate or deliver PHYSICAL products. The delivery of physical products is in direct coordination with the Seller and the Buyer within the national scope in Peru.
  8. When you make and pay for your purchase, you acknowledge and accept these shipping conditions and Privacy Policies.
  9. In case of returns, they are only accepted in defective products within the term of the guarantee, all products before the exchange or refund of money must be evaluated by the authorized service workshop of the store, before proceeding to any Return please contact the Seller of the store for which you requested the item or service to send an email and receive instructions in this regard, if your product has a manufacturer’s warranty, it must be coordinated in the authorized Seller’s store within the platform for your later change.
  10. The products are only guaranteed by the Seller in his store, as long as this data is published in the description of his products, this additional data is freely available to each Seller. Creativos Online is not responsible for any guarantee of products or deliveries within the site.
  11. Creativos Online is not responsible for the transport, loading and unloading of the merchandise, we DO NOT assemble any product, nor disassemble or remove previous merchandise to put the one that the Client has bought in the assigned store.
  12. Deliveries must be coordinated in a period NO GREATER than 10 calendar days.


  1. The downloadable digital products or services purchased by you will be sent and downloaded directly from the web, if the digital download area is not enabled, you will be contacted by your Seller for subsequent shipment via email.
  2. If after this digital delivery agreement, you modify this instruction regarding times, resources and / or changes in the digital material, you must coordinate a new delivery schedule of the file with the Seller. This could generate some additional charges for changes and modifications to the files, the Client must pay before and reschedule their delivery again.
  3. The charges for changes and rescheduling of deliveries of digital files are administered by each store coordinating directly with its Vendor.
  4. The delivery schedule is determined by the Seller after coordination.
  5. Creativos Online (As well as none of its Managers, Sellers or other Collaborators) is NOT responsible for an exact specific delivery time, within the scheduled day. These hours may vary due to charging problems on the internet or others.


The Creativos Online Team